Rorate Caeli

The Australian Catholic collapse: "Francis Effect".

Also a Catholic collapse, as can be seen from the graphic below, coinciding with the second phase of the 2006-2016 period (therefore, from 2011 to 2016), practically entirely inside the Pope Francis period. During this time, the Church under the "Francis effect" followed the general collapse of all Christian organizations in Australia, as those with "no religion" are now the largest group in the Australian population:

The graphic clearly shows a Catholic stability, and a very gentle decline in the second part of the Wojtyła years and during the Ratzinger pontificate, followed by a strong decline in the Bergoglio period, as the Church finally follows the same path of the Protestants. And, indeed, why should any unsure Catholic, baffled as well by the abuse crisis, remain a Catholic when the signs from Rome seem to indicate that being a Catholic is completely dispensable?

[Graphic source: The Guardian]