Rorate Caeli

Traditional nuns need help once more -- keep the construction going!

While we try to keep our fundraising appeals here limited, we do have a special place in our hearts for the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles. Finding a more holy -- and traditional -- order of nuns would be a difficult task. And we feel obliged to help, even when they tell us we don't have to, as they did once again. And, as always, this is one time we feel comfortable disobeying!

These novenas are helping to fund the sisters' new church. They've broken ground but the money will run out -- and construction will stop -- by the Fall if we fail to answer their calls for donations. 

Their latest Novena of traditional Latin Masses, which go towards the construction, will begin on June 23 in honor of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus for all families and persons, both living and deceased, enrolled in the Novena. You MUST have your names in BEFORE next Friday. 

But you should act now -- the sisters need time to mail your enrollment card. If you enroll today or the next couple of days, they'll have plenty of time to send them. 

We personally contribute to these wonderful sisters often and ask you to do the same.