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Episcopal Bastards: Bishops' Conference of France celebrates country's greatest Abortion Figure

Simone Veil, who died last week in Paris, was a woman with a long and quite eventful life. After surviving the Holocaust, she thanked God for her survival by doing all that was necessary to legalize and normalize abortion in the Eldest Daughter of the Church. In very few nations of the world has abortion become a mark of almost national identity as in France, where the practice of what they like to call euphemistically "IVG" ("voluntary interruption of pregnancy") kills over 200 thousand babies every year.

When Veil was Health Minister in the 1970s, she led the campaign to legalize abortion, which only moved forward (as she herself recognized later) because of the feeble opposition of the French bishops, amidst the upheavals that followed Vatican II. Since they did not wish to appear "Constantinian" following the documents of the Council, they just mouthed milquetoast objections, and lukewarm Catholic legislators could not find anything in their conscience to stop the bill. The Loi Veil ("Veil Act") went into force on January 17, 1975, and the survivor of a hideous genocide ushered in a new kind of genocidal era.

So, as she died, what would one expect from the Bishops of France? At most, in the name of "nil nisi bonum", silence. But that's not at all what happened: the Conference of Bishops of France (Conférence des Évêques de France - CEF) made sure to honor and celebrate her memory with this tweet:

"#SimoneVeil. We salute her stature as stateswoman, her will of building a fraternal Europe, her conviction that abortion is always a drama. — Catholic Church"
French Government abortion ad:
"Chloé, 29 years old. | IVG: It's my right. | IVG: My body, my choice, my right"

Her "conviction" was only of making it legal, and medically available. Her memory is that of the destroyer of a once proud Nation through the genocide of unborn babies. May God have pity on her soul is all Catholics might say. And may this bastardous generation of unworthy bishops of the "City of Blood" pass, before the prophecy of Nahum on Nineveh is accomplished on the streets of France:

"Woe to thee, O city of blood, all full of lies and violence: rapine shall not depart from thee. The noise of the whip, and the noise of the rattling of the wheels, and of the neighing horse, and of the running chariot, and of the horsemen coming up, And of the shining sword, and of the glittering spear, and of a multitude slain, and of a grievous destruction: and there is no end of carcasses, and they shall fall down on their dead bodies. Because of the multitude of the fornications of the harlot that was beautiful and agreeable, and that made use of witchcraft, that sold nations through her fornications, and families through her witchcrafts.  Behold I come against thee, saith the Lord of hosts: and I will discover thy shame to thy face, and will shew thy nakedness to the nations, and thy shame to kingdoms. And I will cast abominations upon thee, and will disgrace thee, and will make an example of thee." (Nahum, chap. 3)