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You report: Priest in drag on national TV says his 'talent' is God's gift

The following report is from a reader in Ireland who feels compelled to share this story with the rest of the Catholic world. Every time you think it can't get worse in Ireland ...

On Irish National TV (RTE 1) last Sunday night, we saw an Irish parish priest from the Diocese of Waterford & Lismore, perform a drag act as "Shirley Bassey." It was the third show in a series of "Francis Brennan's Tour of Vietnam" with 12 travellers including Fr. Richard Geoghegan, P.P. (Ballyneale, Tipperary).

Father Geoghegan says he is following the parable Jesus preached about not hiding your talents under a bushel but to go out and use them. He is saying that he has a talent for drag and he is using the drag talent that God gave him.

This is a complete mockery of what he is meant to stand for. But it's a common occurrence at weddings and celebrations he attends. He has a collection of wigs and high heels!

His bishop is Phonsie Cullinan (Bishop of Waterford & Lismore). No word from His Excellency on when, if ever, this priest will be suspended and banned from publicly scandalizing the faithful.