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Let’s march divided to strike united

Cordialiter Blog
July 29, 2017

Risultati immagini per images marching to the traditional mass

In recent years many blog sites have sprung up, run by members of the faithful tied to the Traditional Mass and which are making life difficult for all kinds of modernists, now in control of the various newsprints, wherein grave dogmatic and moral errors are diffused. Nobody can say that I’m exaggerating in my criticism of the modernist propaganda: the Eucharist is only a symbol of the Body of Christ; hell is not eternal; all religions are good;  divorce by law must not be hindered; pre-marital cohabitation has pre-sacramental value; there is nothing wrong if two homosexuals “get married”; also women should be ordained as priests… and many other pernicious errors of the same type.

The Old Rite is the sustaining pillar of the Traditional Movement, i.e. the spontaneous movement by the faithful of various nations, committed to defending the entire patrimony of Catholic Tradition from the attacks by the enemies of the Church.

Perhaps there are some who are asking if it wouldn’t be better for all the traditional blogs to unite so that energies are not dispersed. I don’t think that merging together all the blogs into one alone is a positive thing; it would be somewhat like wanting to re-group all the religious orders into a single order; it would a senseless thing as each order has its own characteristics to distinguish it from the others  What sense would there be in joining a contemplative order with a hospital one? Or joining a school teaching order to another dedicated to the hermetical life?

Returning to the blogs. I don’t see anything strange in the fact that there are a variety addressing the same subject; in this case the Tridentine Mass.  Each one has its own unique characteristics. Some give major attention to the truly liturgical questions; others have their focus on Episcopal nominations, on the initiatives of the local “stable groups” , on the “behind-the-scenes” articles written by the various Vatican reporters, and so on.  Yet  other blogs diffuse ascetic and spiritual commentaries.

Therefore each one has its own battle-ground inside the Traditional Movement, creating a devastating impact on the ‘modernist red army’, now seeing itself besieged on all sides, whereas, their sites, full of theological and moral errors, gather much less interest from Catholics, (especially the young ).

The main enemy we have to fight is Modernism, namely: ‘the synthesis of all heresies’. The fact that many traditional sites exist is not a problem for the continuation of this intense battle, rather it may be a resource.

Let’s march divided, to strike united.  

Translation: Contributor Francesca Romana