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Op-Ed: The Knights of Columbus want to silence and shame Catholic Converts

...actually, "in service to some" - just "cradle Catholics":
Converts need not apply, or buy insurance

The Knights of Columbus made a clear choice when the organization decided to sponsor the faltering "Crux" -- founded by the Boston Globe for liberal journalist John Allen Jr (when the Globe thought it could cash in on Francis' supposed "popularity") and then, when it came into trouble, propped up by the Knights.

The Knights' choice was to uphold the liberal and Modernist version of Catholicism in reporting news.

For a few weeks now, Knights-Crux has been on a crusade to crush the credibility of converts to Catholicism. This because the Modernist establishment currently in charge of much of the central government of the Church hates American Catholicism, hates conservative Catholics in the United States, hates the Traditional-friendly general trends of the strongest portions of English-speaking Catholicism, and hates, therefore, informed converts who are so influential in those circles.

The first shot was an article by Austin Ivereigh on "Pope Francis and the convert problem". Yes, it's a "problem", apparently, and as such it will demand a "solution". The controversy generated by the article was so great that Knights-Crux editor Allen Jr. had to intervene. This "intervention" was just for show, because a few days later, Knights-Crux publishes a new attack on converts, by convert David Mills with the shocking title "Newcomers to the Church should speak less, listen more".

Why do the Knights of Columbus wish to silence, shame, and persecute Converts? Why do they support this campaign of discrimination of converts in the Church? The leadership of the Knights of Columbus must speak up clearly, or the Crux crusade against converts will remain for all purposes the public and editorial policy of the Knights.

There has never been in the Church a movement to shame converts to Catholicism, other than the ill-fated and ugly attempt to shame heartfelt and honest Conversos (Cristianos Nuevos) and their descendants (who included luminaries such as Saint Teresa of Avila) in the Iberian peninsula. Do the Knights of Columbus truly wish to have this indelible stain in their legacy?