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The Pope and Jus soli: He will have to answer to history and God

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August 21, 2017

The Pope and Jus soli: 
Political interference -- Francis will have to answer to history and God

A position that will inevitably trigger off much debate. In his message for The World Day of Immigrants and Refugees, to be celebrated  on January 14, Pope Francis has explicitly sided in favour of jus soli: “At the moment of birth, nationality and regular access to primary and secondary education  should be recognized and certified.” Bergoglio has also shown his support for jus culturae inasmuch as he has asked for the recognition of the right to complete an educational path in the host country. 

Psychiatrist, Dr. Alessandro Meluzzi,  who was interviewed by Intelligonews, has harshly criticized what the Pope said:

What do you think of the Pope’s appeal in favour of jus soli?

“I think the Pope should talk about jus soli in Vatican City. There he could distribute passports to all the people he wanted, seeing as it is a Sovereign State.  As regards citizenship in the Italian Republic, on the contrary,  I find  this an improper and very serious interference since the Law of Papal Guarantees (1877).”


"It is difficult to understand why the Head of a State hosted in Italian territory should  voice an opinion on jus soli in Italy. He could say the same about jus soli in France, in Spain or in any other country the Catholic Church is represented.  In any case, jus soli is a monstrosity at a time of indiscriminate, violent and dangerous Afro-Islamic  invasion. Beyond the specific content, which would bring about never-ending problems, it would be an ulterior impetus for millions of people to come to Italy uncontrolled. Therefore it is wrong, dangerous, illegitimate and would lead to fatal consequences in a [situation of] demographic pressure already out of control."

On other questions, such as civil unions, the Pope has said: “I won’t get involved with that”. How do you explain this change?

“Bergoglio isn’t interested in Ratzinger’s so-called non-negotiable values. I’m referring here to gender, the family and abortion, which he considers “very negotiable” questions; instead the great leftist globalists like Soros are at the centre of his pontificate.  The only outcome [of all this] will be the Islamisation of Europe and Italy. I don’ think this is a good idea for a Pope. He will have to answer to history for this and more than likely to God [Himself].”

Translation: Contributor Francesca Romana