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Traditionalist Blogger Condemned to Imprisonment in Austria for Criticizing Homosexuals

As reported by and others, G. Schneeweiß-Arnoldstein, who runs the Austrian traditionalist blog, has been found guilty of inciting hatred against homosexuals and conditionally sentenced to four months in prison. 

The blogger’s crime was an article describing syphilis as “God’s punishment” for “homo-fornicators”. Schneeweiß-Arnoldstein pleaded not guilty to inciting hatred. His lawyer explained that “fornication” is a technical, theological term referring to sexual intercourse outside of marriage, and that “God’s punishment” refers to the consequences of mortal sin. The judge, Gerald Wagner, replied that the language was vilifying, and that the state has to protect the group in question from such attacks.


Note by New Catholic: Rorate does not approve of the methods, language, or use of pictures by, which is why we do not even link to them. Regardless of our disagreement, this court decision is horrifying.