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October 13, 2017: SSPX Rosary Crusade following the example of Polish Catholics

                                                                                   SSPX Italian District
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The Italian District of the Society of Pius X [hereby] adheres to the initiative by the AIASM (Italian Association Marian Sanctuaries Companions), following the marvelous example of the Polish Catholics, thus:
On October 13th at 17.30 everyone is invited to recite the Holy Rosary, accompanied by fasting and sacrifice.
“Every man and woman of good will, all over Italy, should go then to their Parish and/ or create prayer groups according to  the same intentions of our brothers and sisters in Poland:

“To ask Our Lady to save Italy and Europe from Islamic nihilism and from repudiating the  Christian Faith.”

Those who find it impossible to adhere to this community initiative, can unite themselves spiritually at an individual level.

The recitation of the Rosary will begin at 17.30. Fasting and sacrifice according to one’s possibilities; it is best to be in a state of grace (through Sacramental Confession).

N.B. By  adhering to this initiative, it does not mean approval tout court of the Association promoting it, upon which numerous reservations remain.

The four Italian Priories in Italy will gather together at 17.30 for the public recitation of the Holy Rosary:

• Rome: Cappella Santa Caterina, via Urbana 85
• Montalenghe (TURIN): via Mazzini 19
• Rimini: Via Mavoncello 25 (Spadarolo)
• Lanzago di Silea (TREVISO): Oratorio B.V. di Lourdes, via Matteotti 16
Translation: Contributor Francesca Romana