Rorate Caeli

Office of Prime -- As suggested by the U.S. Bishops to the Laity in 1889

In 1889, a simplified office of Prime in English was recommended for morning prayer by the American bishops who also produced the Baltimore Catechism. Predating both the Vatican II changes and the Breviary revisions of St. Pius X in 1911, this office is an organic American development that is also firmly rooted in a continuous Roman tradition going back to St. Benedict.

Prime in the "Baltimore Office" consisted of two invariant Psalms for all seven days of the week (53 and 118), proper antiphons for Sundays and weekdays, and, characteristically, the Creed of St. Athanasius (Quicumque Vult) for Sundays.
The elegance of this edition is in the way it faithfully preserves the essentials of Prime down the centuries yet adapts itself to lay use quite well—without complicated systems of Psalms and propers.

Ancilla Press makes this available in a 16-page booklet.