Rorate Caeli

You suggest: Young adult traditional movement group and Rorate Mass in Nebraska

A note, below, from the founders of the group:

Kevin Roerty (a FOCUS missionary in Kearney, Nebraska) and Jacob Bauer (a student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln) are promoting a young adult traditional movement in Lincoln, Nebraska. Their group is called "The Venerable Sheen Club" (assisted by Deacons of the FSSP) and they have a podcast titled "The New Tradangelization". Their aim is to promote the new evangelization by, with, and through tradition. 

Hosted by the Venerable Sheen Club, they requested a Rorate Mass be offered at the UNL Newman Center. This would be one of the few TLM's ever offered here. Within 24 hours, over 100 people said they were coming or were interested, many of whom were students. This is an opportunity to introduce the youth to the TLM and also expand its influence in this diocese where the Newman Center is so highly esteemed: