Rorate Caeli

12th Anniversary You Report, from a Convert from Islam:
Rorate Mass in Smyrna, Anatolia

The Traditional Mass can be a powerful instrument for the conversion of non-Christians. It inspires, in its great mysteries, awe and respect, it shows how great are the things in which we Catholics believe by how deeply we cherish what we celebrate. (On this matter, please see the FIUV paper on Islam below.)

This particular You Report post has filled us with great emotion: a convert from Islam who has fought with his friends for a Traditional Mass in the most unexpected of places, the once immensely Christian city of Smyrna (İzmir, in Turkey). And now they can celebrate the advent of Baby Jesus with the Traditional Mass of the Latin Church. What great Christmas gift, what great gift for our little blog on its 12th anniversary!

I am a Turkish Catholic, a convert to the faith from Islam. Ever since I joined the Church, I wanted the Traditional Latin Mass to be celebrated in our diocese. After much prayer and constant petition for 3 years, we have finally started to celebrate it on Fridays.

We don't have all the vestments required to be worn by the priest but we make due with what we have. This past Friday, we have celebrated our first Rorate Mass. It was a low mass but still it was a wonderful occasion.

I wanted to share this event with you because ever since I became a Catholic, I have been reading your blog Rorate Caeli and learned many things thanks to it, and I thought this glorious mass organised by young Turkish people, all converts from Islam, could be a glimmer of hope in these dark days for our Church.

I include some photos from us and our church Notre-Dame de Lourdes in the Archdiocese of Izmir.

Congratulations to all of you, God bless you! And a very Blessed and Holy Christmastide!