Rorate Caeli

Review: The 2018 Angelus Press liturgical calendar

As we do every year, we are highlighting traditional Catholic calendars that are sent to us. And one of our favorites each year is from Angelus Press. The 2018 theme is The Creed

For anyone who has purchased this calendar in the past, you know three things: It's always big; it's always well made and stands up to the kids grabbing at it; and it's always beautiful and inspiring. And the 2018 calendar is no different.

Each one of the 12 months lists the next line of the Apostle's Creed, so children can learn with each passing month, and adults will have a daily reminder of each tenant of the Faith. And, as they always do, the back of the calendar contains the critical laws and discipline for the traditional days of fast and abstinence. 

Another nice surprise from Angelus Press is that they've kept the price the same as last year -- a low $12.95. For just over a dollar a month, you can't go wrong purchasing this calendar.