Rorate Caeli

Buy a CD, build a church and priory!

Long-time readers know we adore the sisters of the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles -- and that we personally contribute to them. We say that because we want you to know we are investing in the places we're asking you, our readers, to prayerfully consider investing. And make no mistake: Helping these great sisters is an investment in eternity!

Now, you can donate to them, help them build their new church and priory, and receive their newest CD -- music so beautiful you must hear it to believe it. Please check out the video, below. While it only costs $15 to purchase the CD, we urge you to give more on top of that, and help move this critical construction project along.

Because of the generosity of the faithful, and many of our readers, the work of the new church and priory has progressed well. 

As you'll see in the couple of photos below, the work looks wonderful, but they still have a couple of million dollars to go to finish!