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De Mattei: Building the Future on the Natural and Divine Law

Roberto de Mattei
Corrispondenza Romana
May 23. 2018

Forty years ago, on May 22 1978, under the name of Law 194 for the termination of pregnancy, state murder was introduced in Italy by a Christian Democrat ruling class.  Murder, since Law 194 establishes the legitimacy of suppressing an innocent human-being in their mother’s womb;  it is state murder, since this crime is approved, organized and financed by the Italian State; it is mass-murder, since there have been around six million victims of abortion in Italy, according to official estimates; it is a figure far superior to the total  number of deaths in wars and natural disasters since the birth of the Italian State (1861) until today  

Emma Bonino - who along with Marco Panella fought rabidly for this law to be approved - in a video-interview on May 22nd 2018 for La Repubblica, said that Law 194 “functioned”.  That is, like a guillotine or a crematory-oven function, with not a word of compassion for those who are killed.  Still – Bonino added – after forty years “a review”  is required, that is to say, to improve this law, as something still doesn’t work well. What is the problem then?

It is the high rate of conscientious objectors among doctors, which is impeding the full and thorough application of the law. Bonino is not interested in knowing the reasons for this objection of conscience; what is important [for her]is that the laws function, that the slaughter continues and so she hopes for greater diffusion of pharmacological abortion by means of the abortion pill RU 486, which few still have recourse to. Emma Bonino, like many abortionists, consider the baby a growth on the mother’s body, or if they admit that it is human life developing for nine months in the mother’s womb, they have the vision of the interests of the State, of race, of the proletariat class, or of the single individual, which justify the killing of an innocent human-being.  This vision has only one name, which ought to be proclaimed in clear letters : barbarism. 

Bonino doesn’t even realize that something is changing in the world, that today it is not the feminist processions filling the streets, but the marches for Life, like those that took place in Rome on May 19th and in Argentina on May 20th. The mainstream media ignores these events, but a protest which springs from the natural law, engraved in indelible characters in the heart of every man, cannot be stopped. Under pressure by the pro-life movements in the United States, President Trump, has done more [for pro-life] in less than a year than his predecessors did in the previous thirty years. Even Communist China, after the failure of the disastrous one-child-only policy, has decided that by the beginning of 2019, the limits imposed until now on births will be abolished.

In Italy a new government is being formed. It is lamentable the fact that in the so-called “contract of government” the great themes of life and family are absent, or addressed only under the strictly economic aspect. And yet, as Virginia Coda Nunziante noted, if the language of economics is the only one that is understood, it would be sufficient to begin removing the 200-300 million Euros in public expense spent every year in the killing of our children and use the money to make the health system more functional, not the abortuary.  One of the reasons for the crisis in our country is the demographic collapse due to abortion and contraception, which in turn are the fruits of a hedonistic, relativist culture. 

We will never be able to find a way out of the crisis if the conditions of the culture of death are not reversed. This  is the message that comes from the March For Life and other recent initiatives, like Citizengo and ProVita Onlus, but also by the efforts of many young people, groups and associations, who are not surrendering, who will keep on going, and may the breakdown in the Italy of today, be replaced by an Italy which rediscovers the Divine and Natural Law upon which to build its future.

Translation: Francesca Romana