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Bishop Schneider: Behind the migrant phenomenon there is a plan to change the European population

Francesco Boezi
"Il Giornale"
June 27, 2018

A plan to call Christianity in Europe into question. This is the vision of the Kyrgyzstan  Bishop, Athanasius Schneider, who focused on this and other themes which very much also concern the vision of the Catholic Church.

Excerpts from an interview to “Il Giornale”:

Q. There is a lot of debate about the theme of immigration. Has Italy been left alone by the European Union? The Church continues to call on our country to be “humanitarian”.
“The phenomenon of this so called “immigration” represents an orchestrated plan, prepared for a long time by the international powers to change radically the Christian identity of European populations. These powers are using the enormous moral potential of the Church and its structures to achieve more efficiently their anti-Christian and anti-European objectives. Towards these ends, the very concept of humanism and even the Christian commandment of charity are being abused.”
Q. What do you think of Matteo Salvini the Italian Minister of the Interior?
“I don’t know the Italian political situation that well, for this I’m not able to say much about it. However, if a government of a specific European nation tried to accentuate more their own sovereignty and historical, cultural and Christian identity against a new Soviet Union type of totalitarianism - today called the European Union with its unmistakably Masonic ideology - this would certainly be to commend.”   

Q. Some Italian Mayors of the Five Star Movement, like Chiara Appendino of Turin, have registered the children of homosexual couples at the Registry Office. What is the position of the Catholic Church on this? 

“The Catholic Church, like any human-being with common sense and right reason, has always rejected homosexual activity. To entrust children to so-called homosexual couples  signifies the violation of the fundamental right of any child: to grow and be educated by a father and a mother. Entrusting children in foster care to so-called homosexual couples in the ultimate analysis represents a moral abuse of the children, of the smallest and most defenseless. This phenomenon will go down in history as one of the greatest degradations of civilization. Those who are today fighting against such blatant injustice are the true friends of children and heroes of our time.”

H/T : Chiesa e Post Concilio
Translation: Contributor, Francesca Romana