Rorate Caeli

NEW SERIES: Tell us your vocation stories!

A few years ago we ran a short, but very popular, series of posts called "The joy of big families" (we've tagged it in the labels below for our readers to easily find and read). Now, we want to do something similar, and are asking you to send your stories to us. 

As the faith has collapsed since the wretched Council, so too have vocations collapsed, due in much part to the contraceptive mentality most Catholics today happily embrace. However, our readers, and the remnant of traditional Catholics left, are embracing large families -- and they do pray for vocations from their children. 

But many do not really know how to produce those vocations beyond their prayers. As St. Benedict says, pray like it all depends on God, work like it all depends on you. But what does that work look like? 

Here's what we're asking for: For our older readers who have produced a priest, a monk or a nun, and did so deliberately (not just lucked out!), please send us your story! Let us know what you did on a daily basis to foster that vocation that our younger parent readers can emulate. And if you're a priest, monk or nun whose parents led to your vocation, you can send that story to us as well. Tell us what they did to prepare you to offer your life for Christ and His Church (note: We will keep you anonymous if you ask).

These submissions can but don't have to be terribly long -- but should be lengthy enough for our readers to take away concrete ideas and wisdom to get to work on real, tangible action items. We're looking more for "we talked to them every day about how to discern a vocation and to say this prayer" than "we kept the faith in the home." Be specific! 

Send your submissions to athanasiuscatholic AT and we will consider them quickly. 

While many people today try to create a vocation to match whatever people want to do with their lives, traditionally we know there is only one true vocation -- to the religious life. So let's all do our part to bring about those much-needed vocations that bolster the Church like nothing else can outside of God's grace.