Rorate Caeli

Fatima, the Sun, the Black Banner and a Friar’s Prophecy: “We can bring you down and we will. ”

David Murgia
Il Segno di Giona

This illumination is taken from the Taymouth Hours, circa ARSH 1325.  (H/T to Ann Barnhardt for image)
Poland. At the end of the second decade of the 20th century. A young, conventual, Franciscan Friar is seated at his desk trying to organize his thoughts. On the desk there is only a small image of Our Lady.  For some months now there has been talk of a “beautiful Lady” appearing to three little illiterate shepherds in Portugal. All the newspapers had reported it. They had reported the strange apparitions and the Miracle of the Sun, a prodigy previously foretold by the little shepherds.  
The Friar is reflecting on what had happened to him. In Rome he had seen “the Masonic mafia, repeatedly deplored by pontiffs, strutting around in an increasingly brazen manner.” In his mind’s eye, [he could see] The Black Banner – carried and flaunted through the streets during the celebration in honor of Giordano Bruno – with the image of St. Michael lying under the feet of Lucifer. He had seen the deadly hate towards the Church of Christ and His Vicar on earth, which was not merely a prank by mislead young people, but a systematic action springing from a Masonic principal: destroy every religion, above all the Catholic one.
There is no other way. There is no alternative or compromise.  His is not merely an idea or an analysis, but an authentic prophecy: “We are witnesses to direct, feverish activity against the Church of God, activity, which alas! is not without its fruits and which has at its disposition innumerable propagators.  And right after these forerunners, the main body of the enemy’s army will follow. And who is this enemy? At first sight, it might seem exaggerated, that the principal, the greatest and the most powerful enemy of the Church is  - Freemasonry.”
The Friar is ready for battle. He doesn’t have much ammunition, but it is deadly: The Immaculate, prayer and good press. His name is Maximilian Kolbe. He would go on to die in a Nazi concentration camp, at Auschwitz, offering his own life in exchange for that of the father of a family.
A great saint. I discovered him thanks to a small volume written by Father Stefano Manelli.  His feast day is August 14th.
What fascinates me about this saint is not his martyrdom but his critical thinking skills in confronting Freemasonry.  His is a rigorous, precise analysis.
Here is what he wrote in an article dated 1925: “The cinema, the theatre, literature and art, are largely directed by the invisible hand of Freemasonry: They work feverishly, in conformity with the Masonic resolution: ‘We will conquer the Catholic Church, not through reasoning, but by perverting Her customs’.”  
What to do? Here is what Maximilian Kolbe promises: “We can bring you down and we will.” How is this possible? “The Immaculate – of Whom it is said  ‘She will crush your head’ namely, of the infernal serpent – will also crush this head, Freemasonry, which steers this entire antireligious, immoral movement and provides vast sums of money for the formation of new sects” (conference, March 3, 1927).  He has no doubts at all that the supernatural strength Our Lady has, will destine Her for certain victory, not only historically, but also in every single soul, even if an enemy, provided that there is a minimum  of openness  to conversion. “I sustain, that we can bring you down and we will.”    
A fascinating story. Still pertinent today. A story already written. With an ending that we know well.
Translation: Contributor Francesca Romana