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Matteo Salvini and ‘Famiglia Cristiana’. Marcello Veneziani: “The enemy is Pope Francis and his secularist policies.”

July 25, 2018

La copertina di Famiglia Cristiana © ANSA

The enemy of Christianity is not Matteo Salvini, as “Famiglia Cristiana” insinuates.

The enemy is inside the Church and it’s the secularist politics of Pope Francis. This, mixed with the Islamic invasion and atheistic materialism, is the great danger for our Western culture and for our world, so explains Marcello Veneziani in Il Tempo

The Muslims are aware that Christianity is a religion in the decline and want to subject  it. Atheism “wants to obliterate every trace of spirituality and religious presence from the public horizon in order to reduce man to his whims and egoism”.  Whereas Bergoglio and his supporters want “to reduce Christian civilization to a place of refuge and humanitarian corridors” i.e. a red carpet for immigration which can do nothing but “do away with every living trace of Christianity”.

What we have here is an internal threat, a “Trojan Horse in the heart of Christian civilization.” The reflection or mirror of all this is “Famiglia Cristiana” reduced now to an extremist, fanatical sect of  “Bergoglionism” , pleading Christianity, the family, religion, rosaries and crucifixes, but with added hypocrisy, since, after splashing Satan all over its front cover, with photos and names and all the rest, they say that it’s not a personal attack but a defense of the Gospel against those who deny it”.  “If they had really wanted to denounce the perversion of the Gospel – says Veneziani  provocatively – they should have dedicated their front page cover and its Vade Retro [Get thee behind me!] to that priest caught red-handed while he was abusing a little girl. And this, as is well-known, is not an isolated case.” 

Translation:  Contributor Francesca Romana