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A Parish Priest: Tradition must be completely legitimized in order to wipe out the confusion which now reigns supreme

H/T Messa in Latino blogspot

Received from a reader of Messa in Latino and published with pleasure:

“I went to Confession in my parish. The priest who was about 60 years old, said to me “I have been here almost five years and it seems to me that I have never seen you before”.

“That’s true Father. You have never seen me because every Sunday I go to the […….] Shrine where Holy Mass in the Old Rite is celebrated.” (Editor’s note: following the liturgical indications of the Motu Proprio, Summorum Pontificum).

I expected the usual lecture as had happened when I spoke about it to the Rector of a very famous Marian Shrine. Instead this priest very kindly said to me: “Keep going my son: that is the real future of the Church!” The liturgy of our fathers will save the Church! Keep going and never give up!”

“Father – I replied – why don’t you celebrate the Mass in the Old Rite which you praise so highly?”

The priest: “After my first public celebration I experienced disparagement on the part of my order,  but most of all  I’m concerned that they will send a Protestant pastor here [in the parish] – be patient for a little while longer: Tradition is going be completely legitimized and the  pestilent confusion which is reigning supreme now will be wiped out. Have faith: Our Lady will help us!”                                 
Translation: Contributor Francesca Romana