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Meet the new Italian Minster for The Family and Disability: The Honourable Lorenzo Fontana

When the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum was issued by Pope Benedict XVI in July 2007, Municipal Counsellor of Verona at that time, Mr Lorenzo Fontana had this to say:“This is an event of historical importance, which marks a return to tradition”.  The New Minister who has been a Member of the Lega Nord * since he was 20 years old, [he is now 38] attends the Traditional Latin Mass and in actual fact was married in that rite. He has a daughter.

At the beginning of 2018 he published the book “The Empty Cradle of Civilisation. The Origins of the Crisis” which he co-authored with former President of the Vatican Bank, Ettore Gotti Tedeschi.  Matteo Salvini, the leader of “La Lega”* and now Interior Minister of the newly-elected Italian government, wrote the preface.   In this book, Lorenzo Fontana explains that Italians are in danger of extinction as a result of the decision to fill the demographic gap with an ongoing flux of immigrants.  Fontana emphasizes a subject that is dear to him: the fall in birthrates.  He connects it to  ethnic replacement which would result in the watering-down of the Italian identity.
“On the one  hand [we have] the weakening of the family and the fight for homosexual unions, the theory of gender in the schools;  on the other hand the mass immigration that we are experiencing and the related emigration of our young people abroad. These issues are all linked and interdependent, as these factors mean the elimination of our community and traditions. The danger is the elimination of our people.”     
Mr.Fontana has been involved in different Pro-Life events such as "La Festa per La Vita" in Verona and "La Marcia per La Vita which is held in Rome each May.
 *Now called “La Lega” as this political party is no longer limited to the north of Italy. It now forms the present coalition government with the populist “Cinque Stelle” party.         

The following is the video and  transcript of a short speech Mr. Fontana gave on May 21, 2017 at a congress of “La Lega” in Parma. 

First of all friends, let me express my thanks to those who organized this congress – and I’d like you to give them a big hand –  these are the people behind the scenes who have  been busy from morn to night; among them, I’d like to thank some young people who came down from Brussels to help organize this event, who work day after day in Brussels, fighting against the bureaucracy, the Freemasonry and the violence of Brussels and who help Matteo [Salvini] and myself in the battles we face each day as elected European parliamentarians. They are: Marco Campomenosi, Filippo Pozzi, Barbara Ramazzotti, Sergio Garuzzo, Paolo Borchia and Mirko Bisesti, our functionaries – please give them a big hand – they are not well-known but they do great work for us. 

At this congress we uphold that we are Europeans. Often they tell us that we want to leave Europe, that we are against Europe; well, yes this is true; we are against the Europe of Freemasonry, we are against the Europe of “[Big]Finance”, we are against the Europe of Soros: we are against those who want an Islamic invasion in our Europe; we are against those who would have us be invaded by immigrants, because they say we have a demographic problem, so we need the immigrants. Yes! We are against THIS Europe! But the truth is that WE ARE the real European patriots! We love Europe. Certainly we want a Europe that has LEPANTO in its roots, when our ships fought against the Islamic invasion and didn’t shamefully bend over as is happening today! 

Ours is a Europe that is asking families to have more children! And not that  immigrants have to come because we have a demographic problem! We want to help European people to have more European children! This is what we want for our Europe! We want a Europe where marriage is between a mother and a father! And that children are given to a mother and a father! The other loathsome things we don’t even want to hear mentioned!

So this is a Europe where there is a big clash in progress! We represent identity and patriotism, those who love the land of their fathers. And against us, we have those who want standardization, who want globalization, who want us all to be numbers, who want us all to be consumers! But we love identity, tradition,  peoples and variety. It’s clear what we have to do –  seeing, as it is a global challenge – is to look not only at our regions – even if this is very important – not only “La Padania”, not only all of Italy or all of Europe, but we need to look at the whole world – and form an “identity alliance” an “identity front” – which combats the Freemasonry of Brussels and likewise world-wide, which wants to destroy us, which wants to annihilate us! It is clear, that the alliance cannot be formed with those in Europe who support the projects of Freemasonry. We cannot not do it with those allied to Merkel; we cannot do it with  those in Brussels who govern with the socialists or Renzi.

So I am appealing to Matteo. I don’t see the likelihood of forming an alliance in Italy with Forza Italia. I don’t see it especially when I hear – as I heard yesterday – that Berlusconi is talking about an animal rights party.  Dear Silvio, the priority for Europe – what is becoming extinct in Europe - are the Europeans!  Dear Silvio, wake up! The priority is that we have more children in Europe – not animals! Wake up! 

And so friends, we have to fight together for this “identity front” , this battle for identity – which is the only hope we have of giving a better future to our children. When they call you “racists” , “fascists”, “mean and nasty” remember that they are doing this because the mass-media is in the hands of the  big economic powers! And the mass-media is afraid of you – and do you know why they are afraid of you? Because you are good – you are the people who love their land! You are the ones that will fight to change this Europe, this world, so as to have a better world and Europe for our children!  A million thanks! Viva La Lega! Viva Matteo Salvini!

Translation: Contributor Francesca Romana