Rorate Caeli

One Pope refuses the Apostolic Blessing -- the other gives it. And the view from Rome.

Last weekend, at the end of a "youth" event in Sicily, the Bishop of Rome refused to give the apostolic blessing to those present, so as not to cause offense to the "many non-Catholic christians, those of other religions, and the agnostics" who were also supposedly present at the Catholic rally:

Now, amidst the maelstrom raised by the mainstream media regarding some private letters sent by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI (in which he criticized those who had not understood his gesture of resigning -- full translation of letters here), this detail almost went unnoticed until some Francis sycophants noticed it:

This confusion continues while a friend in Rome reports on the general view from those surrounding the Pope who refuses to give his apostolic blessing, Francis:

The usual care-free attitude prevails in general. Most aren't very concerned about consequences of U.S. anger. Unless they feel real negative change (drastic cut in finances / power), they're just going to keep on with their agenda.

And their agenda at the moment is the "gay" agenda of "LGBT" issues that the upcoming "Youth" Synod is about to unveil before the whole Church.