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A priest must be entirely for God

Risultati immagini per back views of priests in cassocks

A priest must be entirely for God ... For this the Church clothes him in a long tunic … The priest’s cassock must show that the consecrated minister has almost no body and is turned to God with all his heart, seeking only the salvation of souls. Now, if the priest’s cassock has a worldly cut, if  his head is styled fashionably with fringes and even perfumed curls, if under a scanty soutane you can see trousers … what then can a Priest represent for his people?  That kind of exteriority does not favour him, and in itself is a very evident sign of too little spirituality and scarce renunciation of the world. …  If he dresses fashionably, he extinguishes his light and shows himself far from the soul’s race towards God.”

(From “In the radius of the greatness of the priestly life” by Dain Cohenel [pseudonym of Don Dolindo Ruotolo] published 1940)


Translation: Contributor Francesca Romana