Rorate Caeli

Christmas Eve 2018: Two Short Meditations

“Let’s  be joyful and courageous at least in the higher part of our souls, in the midst of the trials the Lord gives us, as The Angel who foretold the Birth of Our Little Savior and Lord, proclaims it singing and sings proclaiming joy, peace and happiness to men of good-will, so that nobody can say they don’t know that to receive this Child, you only need some good will.”  
- St. Padre Pio  

“Those who pray are truly armed, strong and invincible, since prayer alone disconcerts all human and diabolic plans, and can even induce God into new plans of loving mercy. Prayer is a multiple, admirable force, which is effective over spirit and matter, over creatures and Our Creator Himself.
It is worth more than all other means, even the most powerful; it enchains the very laws of nature. It dominates the most adverse forces and we participate in its omnipotence. We are in the likeness of God: the infinite God manifests His omnipotence for the Eternal Word Who creates everything: we are in His likeness in this too, inasmuch as prayer is the mysterious word which renders us virtually powerful over all the created forces and can even induce God into new manifestations of power.”  
Don Dolindo Ruotolo
H/T Chiesa e Post Concilio (comment section)
Translation:  Contributor Francesca Romana