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Lent is coming (it's here!): Time to prepare -- start here!

Reposting this -- it's not too late!
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Lent starts on Wednesday and we're running out of time to prepare. Here is a great place to start. Below are TWO fine resources to get you started and inspired to make this Lent fruitful. 

First, as we do every year, we bring to your attention this wonderful, traditional, five-part Lenten Mission by the holy and learned Fr. Isaac Mary Relyea. While it is not short, it does go by very quickly, and is easy to follow and understand. It's clear, concise and bold.

Click on each of the five themes of the mission: Prelude to the Mission * On Death * On Judgment * On Hell * On Heaven

Second, if you don't have a specific plan for Lent ahead of time, even better a written plan, you're really not prepared.

These links take you to to a one-page fillable plan for you to prepare for the season. You may consider praying on this over the weekend and filling in the sheets by Tuesday. Don't let Ash Wednesday sneak up on you without a plan in place.