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De Mattei: Cardinal Krajevski’s “proletariat expropriation”

Roberto de Mattei
Corrispondenza Romana
May 15, 2019

On May 12th, Cardinal Konrad Krajevski, Pope Francis’s Almoner, reactivated the electricity in an illegally occupied building on Via Santa Croce in Gerusalemme, in the centre of Rome.  In order to do this, he had to break the seals put there by the Public Electricity Corporation (ACEA) which had disconnected the electricity because of  the occupants’ unpaid bills (more than 300.00 Euros) over the last five years,  

The responsibility of this non-payment, along with the illegal occupation of the building, belongs to the Action-Diritti in movimento association, a social centre, headed by an extreme-leftwing militant, Andrea Alzetta, known as “Tarzan”,  repeatedly denounced for trespassing, building devastation and resisting a public official.  Pope Bergoglio’s representative, committed an act graver than we might imagine.  In Italy, Article 349 of the Penal Code, punishes whoever violates seals affixed by the authorities with a 6-month to 3-year  prison sentence. Furthermore, the connection being illegal, the action of the Papal Almoner consists in the crime of stealing electric energy.

Cardinal Krajevski, then, has transgressed the law and boasts of it publically, declaring, in a challenging tone, that he is ready to take responsibility for it. But apart from the penal aspect, we find ourselves faced with the canonization of the idea whereby it is licit to violate the rule of law in one’s own interests or in that of social groups.  In short, it is the idea of “proletariat expropriation”, practiced by the Tupamaros, the Red Brigade and the No-Global.

The certainty of the law and respect of it are the only barriers that protect civil society from anarchy and violence.  But what Cardinal Krajevski  (hailed by La Repubblica as a new Robin Hood) the former-Mayor of Riace, Mimmo Lucano (welcomed like a star at the La Sapienza University), or the leader of the “disobedients” Luca Casarini (recently under investigation for favoring illegal immigration) have in common, is disdain for State laws, in the name of a political ethic which has little or nothing to with the Christian ethic.  
(Dear Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, the new Robin Hood, instigating theft is a grave crime, not only for Italian law, but also in the Commandments)

In the case of a contrast between positive law and the natural law, it is certainly the latter that takes precedence. But our society denies the existence of an absolute, objective morality to appeal to, in order to refute the civil laws that contrast it.  Today judicial positivism prevails, hence the only ‘right and proper’ is what the law establishes as such. The cardinal furthermore, not only did not act in the name of the natural law, but violated it, since the Decalogue forbids stealing and theft transgresses this commandment.

On Saturday May 18th the ninth edition of the March for Life will take place in Rome to renew the protest against law 194 of May 22nd 1978, which has claimed six million victims in forty years.  This law negates a commandment of the Divine Law, which forbids killing the innocent. The response of the abortionists is that 194 is a law of the State, and as such, should be fully respected. If to save a baby from abortion even the slightest illegality is committed, there would be no justification whatsoever for the offender.   For militant pro-lifers it is even forbidden to try to desist  women from abortion, as is happening in Canada, where Mary Wagner has totaled five years of imprisonment simply because she tried to bring red roses, information and prayers into the abortion clinics.

To justify the illegal act of the Pope’s Almoner, Art. 54 of the Penal Code was invoked whereby “those who have committed an act having been constricted out of necessity to save themselves or others from actual danger of grave harm to the themselves or others are not punishable.”  No cardinal or bishop however, calls for disobedience against Law 194, which enforces State murder. Yet taking the life of innocent human beings is very much graver than disconnecting the electricity for a week to the residents of an illegally occupied building.

Translation: Contributor Francesca Romana

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