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The Vatican against Italian Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini

The present Vatican which never makes its voice heard when policies and laws against the traditional family and the protection of the unborn are passed, is violently against Matteo Salvini (who has anyway all the usual national, international and European 'big' powers against him, even more so after last Saturday's rally in Milan).

The President of the Italian Episcopal Conference, Cardinal Bassetti, has also openly condemned Salvini and the Lega Party, telling Catholics not to vote for them. (see here: 

Here is one strong voice in defence of Salvini, who, it would seem, despite the constant, vicious attacks, has a great part of the Italian people with him. 

How sad to see the Church taking a stance against Salvini

by Dr. Alessandro Meluzzi

What a sad and disconcerting stance the Vatican has taken, in the person of the Secretary of State Cardinal Parolin, who accuses Salvini and the sovereignists in general, of a blasphemous use of the Rosary, Marian devotion and religion. 
Was it perhaps blasphemous when Pius V, before the Battle of Lepanto,  invoked the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Queen of the Rosary [...] against the Turks, who, if they had won at Lepanto, would have eliminated Europe and Rome today would be a Muslim city?  But perhaps this is what “Bergoglioism” and “Soroism” want.
It is certainly terrible that they claim God is for everyone, but Christians cannot  speak in defence of Christian values, whilst work is being done to eliminate them (these values), whilst work is being done [in favour] of  Islamic immigration, where, [the idea] of One God is being invoked, and where unquestionably the God of  Islam is not the same God as the Christian one, the Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, true God and true Man. This is not the God of Muslims, nor that of the Jews, nor that of all the other religions. 

Well then, who is the heretic? Salvini who brandishes a Rosary and invokes the Immaculate Conception in defence of Europe? Giorgia Meloni who  is challenging the Nigerian Mafia and the Islamic Mafia in defence of Christian civilization in Europe?  Or are the blasphemers those of the Roman clergy, whom the Orthodox Church has vigorously dissociated itself from?  Who invoke instead, the vision of a pseudo-religious and pseudo- Christian Deism?    
The Vatican clergy  shouldn’t assume they have a monopoly on Christian belief; they shouldn’t assume  they have a monopoly on the Gospel; they shouldn’t assume they have a monopoly on the devotion of the Holy Rosary or the Immaculate Conception of Mary, in front of Whom we kneel, invoking Her protection for this Europe faced with the collapse of [Western]civilization, of which the sad vision  of the Catholic Church and the Vatican hierarchy is part of  and even an agent of.  
 But I don’t believe all Christians are [part of it], and not even all the clergy. This is what I believe.
 Translation: Contributor, Francesca Romana
*Dr. Alessandro Meluzzi is a psychiatrist, criminologist and writer, who is frequently seen in debates  or interviews on Italian television.  He is currently one of the most powerful voices denouncing the increasing spread of the Nigerian Mafia as a result of  the present illegal immigration in Italy from Africa.