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The Pope praises Greta and Ursula von der Leyen but forgets Christ

The interview by the Pontiff to La Stampa is a unique occasion for getting involved in politics

Camillo Langone
August 10, 2019
Feast of St. Lawrence

St. Lawrence martyr, the stars are falling*, governments are falling**, superstars are falling (Alain Delon’s stroke) and the Holy Father is falling yet again.

Interviewed by La Stampa, he praises Ursula von der Leyen, patroness of Sodom, homosexual unions and adoptions. And once again he praises Greta the Papessa of a pagan religion. In such a shamelessly, political interview, the one ending up on the gridiron is Christ - not mentioned even once, not even out of good Jesuit decency. 

Dear St. Lawrence, on the gridiron embers they wanted you ‘well-done’ ( according to St. Ambrose) and now they want Jesus incinerated and discarded according to the new dogma of ‘separate- waste-collection’ (this is what I think – but I’m no saint just a “prayer” now rather in despair).                                                   
 Camillo Langone

*The legend of the shooting stars seen on the night of August 10th symbolize the tears of St. Lawrence shed during his excruciating martyrdom.
**the Italian Government (Verde/Giallo coalition) has just fallen and new elections are being called for in the autumn.

Translation: Contributor Francesca Romana