Rorate Caeli

2020 liturgical calendar season begins

We seem to say this every year -- but it really is hard to believe summer is almost over and it's time to start thinking about your 2020 liturgical calendar! Here at Rorate, we will review several calendars for the upcoming year, each and every year. And once again this year, the first calendar we received to review comes to us from the Servants of the Holy Family. 


The first thing that is attractive is the cost. At only $9.95, a modest price for a wealth of information.

Speaking of that wealth of information, most calendars offer the lists of the feast days, the rules of fasting and abstinence, etc. What we like about this calendar once again this year is that it also offers a bevy of prayers, and a huge list of patron saints in the back. The calendar is nice and sturdy as well, especially good for those of us with many children, whose little hands always find a way to reach up and grab the calendar.