Rorate Caeli

Amazonic Notes #2: It's all decided on married priests

Obviously. And this is why this whole expensive charade was assembled.

Today, one of the main architects of the German-Austrian Synod on the Amazon region, Erwin Krautler, who was a bishop in the area for many years (years during which the majority of the population, tired of a political church, became Evangelical), said in the press conference following the session that there is “no other option” but to ordain married men as priests in the Amazon, because being unmarried is a "foreign concept" to the indigenous communities. As liberal journalist Christopher Lamb reports, Krautler affirmed that "there were many times when he travelled to indigenous communities and they asked me: 'where is your wife?' "

Priestly celibacy was a concept that confounded and still confounds most people in the Jewish world , and in the Greco-Roman world as well. 

Krautler also made clear that there is a majority of well over the two thirds of votes necessary to recommend the change. Which is obvious, since the Synod members were handpicked to reach the result desired by Francis and his friends.

Naturally, Krautler's liberal Austrian logic means that there should be married bishops and popes as well.