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De Mattei: A comment chronology of the pagan Pacha Mama events which the Angels and Saints are far more outraged about than we are

Roberto de Mattei.
October 27, 2019

When it ends, the Amazon Synod will go down in history as the Pacha Mama Synod.

Who is Pacha Mama? She is the Earth Goddess, a pagan divinity venerated by the Synod Fathers gathered in Rome over these past weeks. The image of  Pacha Mama [first]made its appearance in the Vatican Gardens, on October 4, on the eve of the Amazon Synod.

During a ceremony led by an Indian woman of the Amazon, in the presence of Pope Francis and some cardinals, two wooden statues of Pacha Mama, represented by two naked, pregnant women facing each other, were adored, while another statue portrayed a naked male subject, ready for the sexual act.  

On October 8, the Pacha Mama statue reappeared in the Church of Santa Maria in Traspontina, first of all in a basket, then in a canoe  carried into the Church during another pagan ceremony organized by the Pan-Amazonian Ecclesial Network (REPAM). In a side chapel of Santa Maria Traspontina a poster was hung to show that “everything is connected”, in line with the teachings of Pope Francis’s Laudato si. In this you can see the photo of an animal, a  small mammal, sucking the breast of an indigenous woman carrying a baby on the other arm. 

Finally, the Pacha Mama, again on the canoe, reappeared in the Amazonian Via Crucis, a blasphemous Via Crucis, which took place on October 19, in the presence, among others, of Cardinal Pedro Barreto, Vice President of the Pan Amazonian Ecclesial Network, which organized all these evil events.

Until October 21, the Pacha Mama statues were located in the Church of Traspontina, where each day an Amazonia ritual of a magic and esoteric nature i.e. diabolic, took place, called: “Moments of Amazonian Spirituality”. 

On October 21, some courageous Catholics entered the profaned Church, picked up the Pacha Mama pagan statues and carried them to the Ponte Sant’Angelo, where they threw them into the Tiber. It was a symbolic act, taking place at the foot of the Castle pinnacled by St. Michael, deserving of our praise, but above all, it pleased  Heaven. 

The indignation of the Angels and Saints about what is happening is far, far greater than ours. We entreat them to increase our love for God and our rejection of every idolatrous, pagan act and word.   

Translation: Contributor Francesca Romana