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Amazonic Notes # 1 - Francis Reaches a New Ridiculous Low: Pagan Rituals on Vatican Hill

Pagan fertility ritual in the Vatican gardens

Nearly two thousand years ago, Saint Peter,the first bishop of Rome, was martyred on Vatican Hill, across the Tiber from the historical center of the City. The great shrine and Basilica dedicated to the Prince of the Apostles rose on top of it as Catholics were freed from oppression, and gradually, over the course of the centuries, as the main papal places of worship and administration faded away, in the Lateran and the Quirinal, the buildings surrounding the Vatican basilica became more and more prominent, until, with the unification of Italy and the Lateran treaties, the Vatican became the absolute center of the administrative and spiritual power of the Catholic Church.

It seems absolutely providential and appropriate, because it was not at all obvious that the blood of Saint Peter, first Vicar of Christ, would end up at the very center of Catholicity.

The blood of Saint Peter, Saint Paul, and uncounted Catholic martyrs of Rome, many of whom we remember daily in the Canon of the Mass, was spilled by pagans and in defense of paganism. Nothing could be further from the lesson of Our Lord Jesus Christ and His apostles than the worship of idols. Quite the opposite: from Germany to the Baltic, from Canada to the Amazon, from Africa to the Philippines, Catholic missionaries worked, suffered, and died to end the worship of pagan idols: "the things which the heathens sacrifice, they sacrifice to devils, and not to God."

How shocked would Saint Peter be if he knew that on that very same ground made blessed through his sacrifice a future bishop of Rome would bring pagan abomination. It happened today, as merely the first salvo of the "Synod for the Amazon", a gathering that nobody asked for, and made up by the bishops of the most liberal parts of Europe, with the help of some demonic bishops from South America, to reach some preordained objectives: the ordination of married men, if possible, and the normalization of the current version of secularized paganism, a mix of earth-worship and Rousseaian myths on the indigenous peoples of the Amazon river basin.

On the one hand, there is the ridiculousness of it all: Francis is, above all, or below it all, a ridiculous and pathetic man. Ridiculous men are made more ridiculous when they occupy august offices: Francis seems to fancy causing scandal, and this is just the latest example. On the other, while they claim they "respect" indigenous people, nothing could be more disrespectful than this: these poor natives are brought across the Atlantic to be used as puppets of evil liberal men. 

These men could not care less about the natives, and certainly not about their souls (we would be shocked if they actually believed in the existence of souls at all): they have used the indigenous, use them now, and will use them as long as possible as mere marionettes to carry out their evil designs.

But, "be not deceived, God is not mocked." (Galatians 6:7)

📹Pope Francis witnessed an indigenous performance at a tree-planting ceremony in the Vatican Gardens during which people held hands and bowed before carved images of pregnant women. #SinodoAmazonico