Rorate Caeli

Immorality, Heresy, Paganism: "What divine punishments will fall upon us after this Synod?"

by Prof. Luc Perrin
Le Forum Catholique

Here we are before a situation that is so horrendous that it makes us tremble.

The ancient cardinals, since the 16th century, had always refused to elect a Jesuit to the throne of Peter. The 2013 conclave broke this taboo: the Pachamama-worshippers must be aware that in non-Christian traditional religions breaking a taboo always leads to calamities.

The organizers of this Pachamama-Synod had forewarned us: nothing will be like before after this event. Indeed, after the destruction of the biblical ethics by the Sodom-defenders, a profession of semi-Arianism, and the worship of idols, all in a context filled with financial scandals of all sorts and the promotion of the sexual predation of minors and adults, there is nothing left to demolish.

When compared to the current Second Pornocracy, 1968 looks like a Thomist conference...

Let us redouble our prayers to the fiery Archangel Saint Michael so that the justice of God may speak through him. Let us beg the mercy of God for the millions of souls drowing in the mud of this "Amazon".