Rorate Caeli

WikkiMissa is back!

We are delighted to report that WikiMissa - the invaluable tool for Traditional Mass-goers worldwide which left the scene in 2015 - has been resurrected by some enterprising individuals with the aid and blessing of its original designer, Emmanuel. The revamped venue - whose title lacks a 'k' for several reasons but mainly to bring it in line with other 'Wiki's - is still a work in progress which will require some fine-tuning. This is where our readers can help. Much of the Mass information on the site has not been updated in four years. Since the site is user-editable, we urge you to visit it and verify the information for the Masses that you are familiar with. The new site is a bit more franco-centric than the former WikkiMissa, but the pages for particular countries are faithful to the languages spoken therein. In any case, any web-based translator will give you all the help you need to navigate the site. 

Perhaps now more than ever we need to keep sources like this up to date and available for those who need them. Many thanks to those who are giving their time and effort to keep WikiMissa serving Catholics the world over.