Rorate Caeli

The example of Madame Elisabeth of France: "Adorable Heart of Jesus, in recognition of Your infinite charity, I give you my heart."

Prayer of Madame Elisabeth of France at the Temple prison:

I do not know what will happen to me today, o my God. All I know is that nothing will happen to me but what You have foreseen from Eternity. That is sufficient, o my God, to keep me in peace. I adore Your infinite designs. I submit to them with all of my heart. I desire them all: I accept them all. I make the sacrifice to You of everything. I unite this sacrifice to that of your dear Son my Savior, begging You by His Sacred Heart and by His infinite merits for the patience in my troubles and the perfect submission which is due to You in all that You wish and permit. Amen.

Prayer of Madame Elisabeth of France to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, sent to Madame de Raigecourt:

Adorable Heart of Jesus, in recognition of Your infinite charity, I give you my heart, and, with it, all that I have in this world, all that I am, all that I will do, all that I will suffer. But, finally, my God, I pray you, may this heart not be unworthy of you; make it like unto yours, surround it with your thorns, closing it to all wrong affections; establish Your Cross within it; may it feel its price, may it savor its delights; fill it with Your Divine flames.

Approved prayer to ask for the intercession of the Servant of God Elisabeth of France:

O God, who, by the admirable effect of Your Providence, have deigned to enrich the heart of your servant Madame Elisabeth of France with the most precious treasures of nature and of grace, these gifts not having remained sterile in her soul, grant as agreeable to You the prayers we address You by her intercession, and grant us to imitate, with her surrender to this same Providence, her abnegation and generosity in sacrifice, so that, by a holy life, we shall all merit partake in the joy with which You crown your chosen ones. Amen.

1 Pater, 1 Ave, 1 Gloria Patri

Imprimatur - A. Laveille, Vicar-General, Meaux, July 11, 1921

Madame Elisabeth of France, Servant of God, a devout Catholic, who kept alive the faith of her brother, King Louis XVI, and her sister-in-law, Queen Marie Antoinette, was martyred in the guillotine by the French Republic on May 10, 1794.

If you wish to send news of requests answered by way of the intercession of Madame Elisabeth of France, contact the association of faithful for the cause: Association pour la Béatification de Madame Elisabeth - 195 Rue du Temple 75003 Paris, France - E-mail:

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