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'Exclusive: Francis “is not opening up” to viri probati and the priesthood for married men'

Bruno Volpe
La Fede Quotidiana
February 2, 2020

La Fede Quotidiana has learned of an important fact relating to the coming papal document on the subject of the Amazon. And this fact, unless modified at the last moment, contradicts what has been recently reported concerning a text in which a yes is given to viri probati and the married priesthood. Those who saw this text two days ago (it will almost certainly be presented on February 12) said that the two hotly debated categories are not mentioned in the document and thus there is no official opening up [to them].
Paragraph 3 of the text is worth particular attention, with regard to the “ironic” preterition: the pope says he does not wish to make reference to the Post-Synod text. It is very evident that  this is however a text which has undergone difficulties that upset various and multiple sensibilities from one part or the other in the progressive and traditional camps.

Probably, but this is a mere hypothesis that must be verified, the recent book published by Cardinal Robert Sarah with the contribution of the Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI ”From the Depths of Our Hearts” , which stirred up so much controversy, must have created some problems and also some embarrassment. We shall see.  As matters stand, from what we have understood in the document, the hotly debated two categories are not mentioned. Unless there are further modifications and changes.  

Bruno Volpe
Translation : Contributor, Francesca Romana