Rorate Caeli

Announcing Tradivox: An International Catechism Restoration Project

Truth-seekers, rejoice!

In the midst of these confusing times in the Church, we would like to share some encouraging news. An international catechism restoration project is currently underway, compliments of Tradivox, a U.S.-based Catholic nonprofit. Their work has been strongly endorsed by Bishop Athanasius Schneider. Take a look:

The project is tremendous: archival manuscript recovery, full text and graphics restoration, reformatting and republication of dozens of historical Catholic catechisms as an entirely new reference series – all demonstrating the changeless continuity of Catholic faith and morals across time and space. Not only will the catechisms be published in book form, they will also be organized into a massive online database that will be able instantly to show the consistency of teaching across centuries on any subject treated.

This is an incredibly timely and much-needed project today. Priests and seminarians, parents and teachers, students and scholars, Catholics and non-Catholics alike will here find an accessible guide to the timeless truths of our Faith. We know that the Faith, well-presented, has the power to convict minds, touch hearts, and conquer errors. In the words of His Excellency, Bishop Athanasius Schneider: “I invite the faithful of the entire world to support this historic effort, as we see to restore the perennial catechism of the Church.” (See Bishop Schneider’s full endorsement here.)

We encourage our readers to find out more about Tradivox by visiting the website.