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EXTREMELY IMPORTANT - Italy: An Urgent Plea for Prayers

Map of the provinces put in total
lockdown by the Italian government
Saturday evening:
no person can enter or leave the
provinces, with very few exceptions.

Dear Readers,

I ask you please to increase your prayers for Italy. The situation grows increasingly dramatic each day. This is no comment on the medical aspect of the Coronavirus – I have no competence in that and there are conflicting opinions about it. But what is objectively real are the ramifications of the measures taken to impede the spread of the virus. Italy is in the process of collapsing. This is no exaggeration.

We have been abandoned for the most part by our priests and hierarchy as has been reported in other news outlets and not only Catholic ones. A spiritual wasteland.  I cannot express the desolation I feel when seeing notices outside ALL churches: No Masses, No Confessions, No Benedictions.  Signed by the Bishops. This is the worst part of all.  At least, though, some churches are open and one can visit Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament and have recourse to personal prayer. 

Here are some of the woes we are experiencing which I sense are just the beginning unless something happens to stop our country from precipitating into disaster: 

• schools and universities are closed indefinitely – there are rumours that this will be for months

• hospitals in the north are getting pretty crowded (however, I have just heard the government has approved measures for hospital care and are seeking to employ up to 20,000 more health-care-workers, between doctors and nurses).

• businesses are suffering on all levels, especially in the massive tourism sector

• so, airports, hotels, restaurants, cafes are all practically deserted – some completely empty

• small businesses in the food and manufacturing sectors – especially in the affected areas in the north are suffering greatly especially in exportation

• courtrooms, theatres, cinemas, art galleries are all closed indefinitely (in the north at least)
• towns and cities in the north are practically deserted so people are not shopping – no commerce

It is hard to describe what the people are feeling – it’s all too much – and has happened so fast, but at the moment I sense many are still disorientated, some are angry – some are truly fearful – and some are understandably anxious as we don’t know how long this is all going to last.  

This is a very sorry time for Italy. Please do not forget us in your prayers, dear readers.  Thank you and may Our Lord have mercy on us all.  

Francesca Romana

Miserere mei, Deus 
Gregorio Allegri (1582-1652)