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You Suggest: Fundraiser in support of SSPX seminarians

From a reader:

St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary of The SSPX is planning a pilgrimage to Lourdes to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the SSPX.

As a fundraiser, they are having a “giveaway” wherein people’s tickets are entered in a drawing to win a 2020 Jaguar XE.

The proceeds go to help the various seminarians, both of the USA and of the seminary in Argentina to make the trip. These seminarians must pay for their own tuition or find their own benefactors because the dioceses they reside in do not provide for them. It will be nearly impossible for the South American Seminarians in particular to make this pilgrimage due to local financial difficulty. As a result the United States Seminarians have taken it upon themselves to raise the money needed for themselves and for their financially strained brothers in Argentina.

Tickets can be obtained for a donation BY CLICKING HERE.