Rorate Caeli

Int'l Bereaved Mother's Day: Memorialize your lost unborn children on new website

Our Lady of Consolation,
Comforter of the Afflicted,
pray for us.

Rorate note: In honor of International Bereaved Mother’s Day, a reader and bereaved mother has sent us a new resource, hoping to help other mothers who may be suffering the loss of an unborn child. While losing children to miscarriage is always hard, it can be especially difficult for mothers during the coronavirus, as many will have to postpone or even cancel internment or memorial services for their babies due to current shutdowns.

From a reader:

A Mom’s Peace, A Lay Apostolate for Mothers Of Miscarried and Stillborn Souls, has recently announced a unique online Garden of Remembrance beautifully dedicated to Our Lady in hopes of bringing the peace of closure and healing to many moms in the wake of loss.  The Garden of Remembrance is a place to commemorate the lives of children lost after conception, regardless of how many days, weeks, or months their short lives blessed their families.

A Mom’s Peace created this online memorial to fill a need for the families they serve when interment is not possible or when going to see your baby in the cemetery is too difficult for various reasons.

The intent of the Garden of Remembrance is to honor these precious little lives and provide consolation and much-needed closure, especially to families who otherwise would not have obtained it. It also serves as a reminder for families, especially moms, that they are not alone in the complexity of celebrating life while grieving the loss of these cherished family members. The lives of these beloved souls are too precious to forget.

The apostolate welcomes all parents to commemorate their child in the Garden of Remembrance.

A Mom’s Peace does not charge for the memorial flowers dedicated in the online Garden of Remembrance. However, A Mom’s Peace is very grateful for any financial support.  If you do desire to donate to the apostolate, donations are humbly accepted on their Donate & Sponsor page. The apostolate “exists to fulfill the corporal and spiritual works of mercy ‘bury the dead’ and ‘comfort the sorrowful’” and they do not turn away families who are unable to afford interment costs.