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"Towards a global dictatorship! In Italy ‘The New World Order’ is now being taught at school."

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Chiesa e Post Concilio 

August 20, 2020

Many years have passed since we first heard people talking about the New World Order, and until only the other day,  those who spoke of this openly in public were ridiculed by friends, relatives, acquaintances and labeled as paranoid conspiracy theorists.  

Moral: despite lots of evidence sprouting up like mushrooms over the years, from the most varied of testimonies, to videos of politicians and religious leaders prophesying publicly the advent of the New World Order, most of the sleeping and ignorant  masses haven't believed any of it, and perhaps they won’t - not even now that this topic is being taught in the schools. 

Here is the photo of a school book that prepares children for the upcoming global dictatorship: 


In the book “The New World Order” written way back in 1990 we find the following: 

 “The New World Order will include changes in the

-Family: homosexual unions will be legalized; parents will not be allowed to bring up their own children (the state will take care of them); all women will have to work and they will not be allowed to be “housewives” ; divorce will be extremely simple and monogamous marriage will slowly, gradually be abolished. 

-Work: the State will become owner of all productive factors and private property will be outlawed. 
-Religion: religions will be banned and believers will be eliminated or imprisoned; there will be a new religion; the cult of man and his ideas; everyone will believe in the new religion.”

Do we still want to talk about paranoid conspiracy theorists?