Rorate Caeli

Three New Martyrs for the Catholic Faith -- killed by Islamic terrorist inside a Basilica in Nice, France

No one wants to die a violent death. But, since Antiquity, Christians have received some comfort from the knowledge that those killed "in odium Fidei", even if not baptized, are Martyrs for Christ that enjoy the full presence of the Lord in Heaven immediately after death.

So, it is with great sadness that we received the news about a couple of hours ago of the most recent Islamist attack in France. This time, right before Mass at the Basilica of Our Lady (Notre-Dame) in Nice, two ladies and a gentleman who was helping at the sacristy were killed in hatred for our Holy Faith. One of the ladies, in her seventies, was beheaded. The police shot and caught the terrorist.

In such matters, we Catholics do not pray for their souls: No! We KNOW they are Martyrs, we KNOW they are in Heaven with Jesus Christ Our Lord, and we KNOW we can beg them for their intercession to Christ the King for the Church on earth -- in France, in Rome (where the Islamist threat is downplayed, and completely ignored by a negligent Bishop of Rome, who has abandoned the sheep), and throughout the world.

Dear Martyrs of October 2020: Pray for us!


France is at war. As in the 16th century, it is a religious war, and there are only two possible conclusions: either France becomes a completely Islamic state, or a Free Christian nation. It will be a long and bloody war. 


Correction: the younger mother was a Brazilian 44-year-old.