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Trump’s List: The Perfect Parable of Abortion Today. A Spiritual Re-viewing of Schindler’s List (1993)

These reflections were put in writing by a young man in Italy, worried about the 2020 US Presidential Elections. They were sent for the first time to a priest, and are here extended to the rest of the world, to every man of good will who has the patience and willpower to realize what the situation in today’s world is. They are published anonymously to prevent the young man, his family, and his loved ones from repercussions, from the hatred and even physical attack from the ruthless Children of Darkness. This young man asks all those who are enriched or elevated by this reading to pray for him, his family, his friends; for the priest to whom he first sent these thoughts; for Carlo Maria Viganò and Donald Trump; for Joe Biden; for all the members of the American Supreme Court, especially the six Catholics who sit there; for this wretched world, for this unrecognizable but Holy Church. In short, that the Immaculate Heart of Mary may triumph, and soon too, against the now prevailing satanic barbarity—the daughter of that error of Russia’s that is abortion, legalized for the first time in Lenin’s Russia in November 1920, and then quickly spread throughout the world.

Trump’s List: The Perfect Parable of Abortion Today.
A Spiritual Re-viewing of Schindler’s List (1993)

A couple of weeks ago I was reminded of the film Schindler’s List, because during lunch the classical music radio playing on the TV aired the film’s main theme: so beautiful. I remembered it was a great movie, and how moved I was when I first saw it. And so I casually threw out the proposal. In the evening, after dinner, I swiftly downloaded it, said the Rosary with my family, and then asked them to try this mental exercise, perhaps difficult, probably unpleasant: imagine that every Jew they see in the film is instead a small human being in the mother’s womb.

The film started around 9:30 pm: I imagined my parents would soon collapse on a 3h17min-long, not-so-light real-story drama. Usually, by 10pm, my mom has already been snoring for a good time; my father is not much more resistant. Neither of them closed their eyes from the beginning until the end.

The film is raw, heartbreaking, not recommended for weak stomachs: the total black and white photography does not decrease by a iota the rawness of what passes on the screen. If only for one, red detail, we might think that it is after all a matter of the past, relegated to the history books and certainly unrepeatable in today’s great liberal democracies.

I had already imagined there would be some sort of parallel; but moving forward with the film, I realized, slowly, gradually, that Schindler’s List is the perfect parable of abortion today—of this great holocaust after the Holocaust.

During the film, my mom here and there said: “These German! What a bunch of sadistic lunatics” or “They must have drugged themselves to do these things.” No, it’s not. It’s not madness. It’s paganism. It is having forgotten, in the blind cult of Hitler’s word, in contempt of the Word of God, that the Jew is also a human person, not an animal—a “Jewish dog”, a “Jewish pig.” If we forget that other human beings are persons, our nature wounded by original sin takes over and anything is possible; deeply-buried sadism easily and frequently resurfaces. I myself, as a child, tormented little ants: what a horrible thing, to think of it again. May God have mercy on me. But why did I do that? Because they were toys, black dots, certainly not people, even though my actions were offensive to the Creator.

Isn’t it exactly the same with embryos? “They are not people, they are lumps of cells, at most animals”; and now the reasoning is being extended to the elderly, to the sick, to the disabled. Who can guarantee that tomorrow it will not be the Gypsies, or again the Jews, the blacks, the Caucasians (of course, in a Chinese-led world), those who do not agree with the line of the single party in power? Because the party wants the good; it is the Good; and if you don’t want the good, well, you’re not a person. You’re an animal; you’re suppressible. Abortion is a Pandora’s box that we have opened without even realizing it.

And so, the holocaust in white gloves goes on, away from the eyes of the bourgeoisie anesthetized by propaganda: then in lagers, isolated in the countryside; today in medical clinics, in the belly of women, away from the eyes of the general public. Too much horror to be able to believe it, to want to believe it. There is a scene where the Jews themselves in a labor camp refuse to believe that they are gassing people in Auschwitz. “We are important to them, to production; why kill us?” We, the newly conceived, are important for the economic growth of the nation, for the psychological balance of the mother; killing us would be madness.

No. The abortion machine listens to no reason. If you are an animal, a thing, I will always have the right, sometimes the duty, to eliminate you from the equation.

There are some amazing elements that I think the filmmakers could hardly have consciously wanted to get into the movie. Of course, they could not get them out. It is, after all, a true story.

Oskar Schindler is Catholic. You can see it. In some scenes you see the Traditional Mass (with crass philological errors, but perhaps they are so only to the familiar eye). He’s not a saint. He is a member of the Nazi Party and is in business with Nazi hierarchs, has lovers by the dozen, loves the good life and luxury food. All his effort is initially driven solely by his thirst for profit, to fill trunks and trunks with good old money. Then something snaps. Something very obvious, underlined by a choice of color in the film, snaps. That is the moment when Schindler clearly perceives that those Jews he had seen persecuted, those Jews he had engaged in his factory because they were at almost-zero cost, those Jews he had never despised but not even loved—those Jews, they are people. And then he begins to love, then he begins to dedicate his whole life, all his goods and wealth to save these unfortunate souls. The information, the evidence before him that “Yes, Jews are people” allows him to pierce through the veil of semi-indifference that had made him turn a blind eye to the monstrosities and sadism of the Godless Nazis.

So today, I believe that the information, the evidence of faith and reason about this modern barbarity, the data on this phenomenon that, by a magnitude of several hundred times, surpass the genocide of the Jews, can make it possible to understand that this—in the words of St. Teresa of Calcutta, while receiving the Nobel Peace Prize—is the greatest threat to global peace.

This is THE problem we should be focusing on. Of course, in our lives there are other things as well. But do you think that if someone in the 1930s had explained to a German of goodwill what was really going on in the camps, he would have shrugged his shoulders and said: “Oh well, but right now I am worried about the economic crisis” or: “Okay, but I will continue to vote Nazi [let’s pretend they could vote] because Germany is finally strong in international relations with the rest of the world”? These tremendous trifles could only disappear in the face of the Holocaust.

Our tremendous trifles should, in perspective, disappear in the face of the great Holocaust of democratic totalitarianism. Economic crises, immigration, Islamism, ecology, human brotherhood, COVID—all of them are serious things, to a greater or lesser extent; but what are they, in the face of more than 1,500,000,000 (one billion and fivehundred million) unborn children, exterminated worldwide in the last 50 years alone? 42 million last year alone; by May 2020, we were already at 14 million (and we also had that little bore of COVID): the numbers have grown, grown, and grown again since the Nations started to establish, promote, and finance with taxpayers’ money these infamous murders, labeled as “ woman’s rights,” a “conquest of civilization” (in the recent words of an Italian politician; even from the green grasslands of the Pianura Padana came delirious words in defense of abortion: “let it be the women who choose about their lives and their future”—what a sad irony!). The relative decline in abortion rates of some Western countries is easily explained by the drop in birth rates and its sister, contraception, which, as a pharmacological “Mr. Hyde” (let’s say it better, Mrs. RU486), is very often itself a crypto-abortion, carried out in an a way that is even more occult and imperceptible, and therefore infamous, than abortion on a visible fetus—seemingly incompatable to, yet essentially the same thing as, that monstrosity that is partial birth abortion, in which the fetus is taken out from the mother’s body up until the neck, and is then beheaded, the remains being afterwards removed from the woman’s body.

A practice very dear to many party comrades of Joe Biden, of the “Catholic” Joe Biden.

Of course, you could say to me: “What do you want? Abortion was there even before it was legal! All things considered, it is as old as the world!” True, very true. But would you have accepted from an early1940s German a discourse like: “What do you want? Massacres of Jews have always been there, long before the State organized them. All things considered, massacres of Jews are as old as the world!”? Is this a justification for what happened, for what is happening? Murders have always existed, they are almost as old as the world, if we believe the account of the Bible: but still, no one has ever thought of sic et simpliciter legalizing murder; nor can it become good just because it is the State who does the mass-murdering, and funds it with taxpayer money.

You could also say to me: “What do you want? Abortion is not the only problem around. Trump has a bad immigration policy, he’s rude and stupid, he’s wrong on a lot of issues.” And, in part, that’s certainly true. But would you have accepted from an early1940s German discourse a contrario like: “What do you want? The genocide of Jews by the millions is not the only problem around. All things considered, Hitler has an excellent economic policy that has restored Germany to its former glory, he’s an artist and appreciator of music, he is right on many issues!” Would you have accepted that?

Our situation is worse than that of the Germans in the 1930s and early 1940s. Today we know, we can know what’s going on in our sterilized lagers; but we allow ourselves to be anesthetized by distractions: demented games on our smartphones; obnoxious programs on the TV; social media addiction. In short, from all the infinite forms of Soma that prevent us from perceiving the immense, infinite pain that is in the heart of the world, in the nascent life enclosed in the womb of the woman; perhaps focusing on other little pains, perhaps on other great pains, but that, when compared to that one, are as nothing.

So today, does it matter if the one who concretely and tenaciously opposes abortion has other faults? Such a man is still incomparably better than a politician who is perhaps a calm, composed, smiling, self-styled Catholic who promotes today’s Holocaust as a solemn right of the woman, dare I say a natural right (but clearly counter-natural, of that twisted order that can only be the work of the ancient liar, of the divider, the diábolos). Biden is a Catholic, just as Judas was an apostle, and Lucifer an angel: all three of them, objective promoters and operators of iniquity and death. So what if Trump is, to return to my comparison, Oskar Schindler? Trump and Schindler are two human persons, who still bear the scars of original sin, but who in the face of their respective Holocausts are righteous among the nations.

Schindler did not stop the holocaust. Perhaps he did not want to do so at first, and he certainly could not do it alone: he acted in his own little way to save as many Jews as possible, crying bitter tears for every single Jew he could save, or was unable to save. Trump has not stopped abortion. He certainly could not do it alone: he acted in his “little” way to save as many innocent people as possible, with concrete choices, leading to a List of thousands and thousands of children, in America and the Third World, who have seen and will see the light of day, thanks to the actions of “that buffoon” Trump. Schindler’s Jews, Trump’s children. He put himself at the helm of people who fought, fight, and will fight—if necessary, will die—for the defense of life, and who cry bitter tears for every single innocent they could have saved, and did not save.

Let us cry for the merciless and impious Holocaust-to-the-umpteenthpower, which could now continue even more vigorously with one who, as a “Catholic,” championed and champions it. May the Immaculate Heart of Mary triumph soon, and—in the meantime—may we do all that we can to protect the little ones.