Rorate Caeli

Free 2021 traditional liturgical calendar for priests and bishops

As they have done the last few of years, the Servants of the Holy Family have asked us to alert the prelates and priests who read our blog that they can obtain a free traditional liturgical calendar! We have already reviewed this calendar and included part of that review with pictures below.

We are told that many priests, and several bishops, have requested free calendars over the last few years so this project has been successful.

For any priests or bishops who want a free calendar -- and for any layman who wants to send a calendar to a priest or bishop -- just click on the "CLICK HERE" below and fill out the form. Be sure to have the name and title of the cleric it should be sent to as well as the address.

Also, as most of us know having just gone through this for Christmas, the postal services is not only way behind but rates have gone way up. Due to this, for the first time, the Servants of the Holy Family are requesting that whomever requests the free calendar for a priest or bishop cover postage costs. 

For the regular-sized calendar, those costs are $5.50 for within the US, and $25 outside the US. However, if it's being sent outside the US, they offer a mini calendar that can be sent for $5.50 outside the country as well.

When you go to the donate page, below, please enter the appropriate amount for postage and handling using your credit card and enter the type of calendar (full size or MINI) wanted.

The artwork inside the calendar for each month is lovely and traditional. 

What we like about this calendar once again this year is that it also offers a bevy of prayers, and a huge list of patron saints in the back. The calendar is nice and sturdy as well, especially good for those of us with many children, whose little hands always find a way to reach up and grab the calendar.