Rorate Caeli

EVENT: Ars Celebrandi, World's Largest Traditional Liturgy Workshop, to take place in 2021

 The Shrine of Our Lady of Lichen, in Poland, is to host once again this year* ARS CELEBRANDI, the largest global workshop for the Traditional Roman Liturgy. (Registrations available here.)

As in previous editions, Ars Celebrandi should include the following events:

- Solemn Mass 

- 2 practical workshops per day 

- All main hours of the Divine Office (sung). 

 The workshops include: 

- altar server workshop - (beginner) 

- altar server workshops - (intermediate) 

- altar server workshops - (advanced) 

- altar servers workshop (beginner and advanced level for English-speaking participants) 

- priestly workshops - learning to celebrate the Holy Mass (for beginners) 

- priesthood workshops - learning the functions of a deacon and subdeacon 

- priestly workshops - learning to celebrate the Missa Cantata and the other Sacraments 

- priestly workshops - learning the celebration of the Holy Mass in the Dominican Rite (for Dominicans) 

- music workshops  - men's Gregorian schola 

- music workshops - women's Gregorian schola


*Coronavirus restrictions permitting, though, as they currently stand, the conference will go ahead.