Rorate Caeli

A "Revolution of Tenderness", or "The Roche Christmas Massacre": A Farce in Eleven Dubia

As reported by this blog a few days ago, the "clarifications" of Traditionis custodes from the CDWDS, which the Pope has given his assent to, have been published today - relentlessly appalling in their attempted suppression of the traditional rites, yet comically absurd in their claim to be "preserving the gift of ecclesial communion by walking together, with conviction of mind and heart". In this current joke of a pontificate, war truly is peace. 

The summary of what the Pope and the CDWDS are attempting to do is as follows:

1. Dispensations from art. 3 § 2 of TC can, in principle, be given for the traditional Mass to be celebrated in parish churches. Of course, under the current regime, "decentralisation" means the opposite of what most people would expect it to mean, so the Bishop is to request permission from the CDWDS, who may then graciously allow him to give permission for this, but "only if it is established that it is impossible to use another [non-parish] church, oratory or chapel." Further, once a non-parish church is available, "this permission will be withdrawn."

Of course, "there is no intention in these provisions to marginalise the faithful who are rooted in the previous form of celebration". No, contrary to all appearances, "this is a concession to provide for their good". Unlike the luminaries currently occupying the CDWDS, we plebs are not practiced in this sort of doublespeak. Why, sometimes Archbishop Roche can believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast!

2. The use of the traditional Rituale Romanum is allowable only for personal parishes, and use of the traditional Pontificale Romanum is absolutely forbidden. Pope Benedict's statement that "What earlier generations held as sacred, remains sacred and great for us too, and it cannot be all of a sudden entirely forbidden or even considered harmful" has officially been chucked down the memory-hole. 

3. The canonical right of priests to freely choose not to take part in concelebrated Masses (see Canon 902) is now being treated as "a lack of acceptance of the liturgical reform". Perhaps in the fulness of time there will be someone in the CDWDS who this sort of wrongthink can be reported to.

4. To fulfil the conditions of TC art. 3 § 3, only a Bible in an authorised vernacular translation may be used for the proclamation of the readings at the usus antiquior. I have already pointed out the many problems and issues that will result from this, but the CDWDS is insistent that "no vernacular lectionaries may be published that reproduce the cycle of readings of the previous rite". So, we now have a new Index Librorum Prohibitorum for "modern man" - the traditional lectionary!

5. The CDWDS clarifies that TC art. 4 decentralises power by centralising it, requiring the explicit permission of the Apostolic See for priests ordained after 16th July 2021 to celebrate the traditional Latin Mass. This is "intended to assist the diocesan Bishop in evaluating such a request", presumably as long as the answer the Bishop comes to is "permission denied".

6. The granting of fixed-term, temporary permissions for the celebration of the usus antiquior is clearly desired by the CDWDS to be the norm: "the possibility of granting the use of the Missale Romanum of 1962 for a defined period of time... is not only possible but also recommended". And you'd all better be on your best behaviour, boys and girls, as "the outcome of this assessment [at the end of the ad tempus period] can provide grounds for prolonging or suspending the permission". A new Roman Inquisition of tenderness!

7. Papers, please! Every sacred minister now requires authorisation for celebrations of the traditional Mass - not just priests, but deacons, instituted ministers, etc. - no matter the circumstances. If the priest celebrating your Sunday traditional Mass falls sick, but he's the only priest the Bishop has authorised for such celebrations, then tough. If you're a priest who has permission from your own Bishop to celebrate the usus antiquior but find yourself in another diocese for travel, study, etc., then tough. 

8. Finally, no bination using the 1962 Missal, for any reason whatsoever. Canon 905 § 2 doesn't apply here, apparently, because we can just attend Mass "in its current ritual form." How very pastoral! 

* * * * *

"Peace, peace" they say, when there is no peace (Jer. 8:11). And there can be no peace, or unity, from this irresponsible, ideological and illegitimate attack on the traditional Roman Rite, and the faithful attached to it. 

If it wasn't obvious at this point, then it really should be to all by now: this attempted extermination of the usus antiquior demonstrates that everything this papacy claims to be - "merciful", "accompanying", "listening", "synodal", "tender", "decentralising" - is a vicious lie.

Lord, have mercy on your Church!