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New Book: “Ever Ancient, Ever New: Why Younger Generations are Embracing Traditional Catholicism”

The following description was partly adapted from the publisher's.

TAN Books has released a new book to address a question that seems to have stumped both faithful and secular pundits alike: Why are so many young people flocking to the Traditional Latin Mass? In Ever Ancient, Ever New: Why Younger Generations are Embracing Traditional Catholicism, readers will see that despite a rapid decline in Catholic demographics, there is hope -- parishes that offer the Latin Mass are growing, and at an incredible rate.

In Ever Ancient, Ever New, millennials enthralled with the traditional devotions of our Faith which have been left largely abandoned since Vatican II explain this phenomenon. These authors include Alexander Tschugguel, Stefanie Lozinski, and Timothy and Stephanie Gordon. Some nuggest from inside:

“During this current crisis within the Church, anyone who is in favor of tradition is on the same side.” (Foreword)

“The future of the Church lies in her past.” (Introduction)

“The counter-revolution is not our revolution. The counter-revolution is not about what I want or what you want but ultimately about what God desires.” (Alexander Tschugguel)

“That is the feeling that many will experience when they encounter the Latin Mass: something important is happening up there, and everyone seems to know it.” (David Dashiell)

“Most of our prelates have failed us. We are 'parish orphans.' Like the eldest brother vying unsuccessfully to run the family in the stead of the home’s absconded father, the traditionalist lay leader has done his best to sermonize his brothers, but without the benefit of the father’s office or insight.” (Timothy Gordon)

“After a life adrift, I have found truth, beauty, and goodness. I have found something worth living for.” (Stefanie Lozinski)

“I have had so much immense suffering in my life, and when I am at the traditional Mass, I find the purpose and meaning of my suffering.” (Stephanie Gordon)

“Millennials…don’t want a watered-down version; they want the whole truth! They need an anchor for the crazy world we live in nowadays. We do not need priests who rap, play guitars, or ride hoverboards. We need real, true priests, warriors for Christ!” (Stephanie Gordon)

“If you have ever desired a liturgy that matches your personal devotions for reverence and discipline, if you have ever desired for your worship to be more akin to heaven on earth…and if you have ever desired to worship Christ as he desires to be worshiped…then attend the Traditional Latin Mass.“ (Kenneth Alexander)

“Traditional Catholicism is not a fad. It is not a phase. Tradition is the past, present, and future of Holy Mother Church.” (Conclusion)

Ever Ancient, Ever New: Why Younger Generations are Embracing Traditional Catholicism is available in hardcover and as an ebook. Find out more at TAN Books or at