Rorate Caeli

Carlo Maria Viganò is Not a Traditionalist

He was never a Traditionalist. He was never known to have any particular feelings for the Traditional Mass and Liturgy before he retired as Nuncio. He was never known for any specific pronouncements favoring Tradition during his long career in the diplomatic service of the Holy See.

He made a good contribution on the McCarrick affair, but decidedly after he had left his position as Nuncio to the United States.

We do not know what he represents, who he speaks for, who writes his works, and what he intends to accomplish. We do not know why Rome has let him say whatever he wants, if he still (apparently) receives a Vatican pension, which he does not need, coming, as he does, from a very wealthy Northern Italian family: it looks weird both for Rome and for him. We would not say he is a conspiracy theorist: there doesn't seem to be a theory anywhere there.

Tradition is in need of good families, good bishops, holy priests; holy young men and women, in families, seminaries, and religious life; Tradition is in great need of constancy, predictability, and stability. It is not in need of gurus.