Rorate Caeli

Thinking of starting up Compline? Check out these editions (English/Latin & Spanish/Latin) of the old Roman Compline

I was happy to see that, in the recent Rorate survey on the Divine Office, Vespers and Compline emerged as the frontrunners. For indeed, Vespers has always been regarded in the tradition as the primary liturgical function after Mass (as seen in the ceremonial that accompanies it), and Compline is the most comforting of prayers.

New Catholic recommended monastic Compline for its unchangeable structure, and as a Benedictine oblate, I agree that this feature is both highly practical and deeply consoling. But let's not forget that the old (pre-Pius X) Roman Compline was exactly the same way, showing the continuity that existed between the diocesan and monastic worlds. A beautiful new edition of the classic Tridentine Compline has been prepared by Gerhard Eger, as announced here back in December (see that post for more information):

This edition, which contains instructions and full notation for everything throughout the liturgical year, is available from Amazon.

Likewise Eger has released a Spanish-Latin edition of the same:

Link for the Spanish-Latin edition.