Rorate Caeli

A Vatican II Moment: The Sea Float Mass


It's been a while since we posted a new image for our "A Vatican II Moment" series -- but this takes the cake. One year after Francis had the boldness to claim, to our lying eyes, that the New Mass of Paul VI is, "the only expression of the Roman Rite," Fr. Mattia Bernasconi, of the Archdiocese of Milan, decided to celebrate it on a float bed by the seaside in Calabria (southern Italy), as part of a Youth Camp. 

Right there we see the "elevation of the chalice", in floaty fashion.

It took place in July, and was reported elsewhere weeks ago -- but we wanted to keep it here for the record of the current events of this Pontificate, where anything goes. Anything, except, that is, the Traditional Latin Mass.

(Tip: Messa in latino)